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Freelancer was a fraud, support request still open

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Antonio A Member Since: Dec 11, 2015
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My Freelancer was a fraud and just copied and pasted content from other websites to modify or leave unchanged.  When I figured out what was going on I contacted support.  I sent them proof of what was going on and they said they took action against the freelancer.  Meanwhile they still took the money from my credit card.  It's been three days and I haven't gotten a response from them.  How do I get a refund for fraudulent work?





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Mahmudul H Member Since: Jul 9, 2012
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Hi, I am sorry to know all this happen to you. but first of all i would say you need to be more cool if you want to work in virtual life. Freelancer or Support team are not robot. anyways.

1. i can guess you never discuss about this problem with that freelancer. i would request you please first you should discuss about it with your freelancer.

2. Support team is there only to help all of us, i agree they are slow, they are sometimes not even reply, but trust me they will do their best and will do justice for the right person.

3. Please relax and wait for upwork reply. may be money taken from you but it could be back if upwork team think it should back.

4. always take the right person when you hire.

5. Always listen what freelancer wnats to say then you go for your choice.

In the end, we all are human 🙂 good luck.
Mahmudul H - WordPress Designer and Developer
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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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For future reference, or for other clients, here are some tips when hiring web developers:


When you are starting out on a project, never hire only one web developer. The quality of web developers varies so widely, and is so impossible to ascertain beforehand, that it is important to hire multiple people when you are starting. This is true whenever you are hiring general web developers at relatively low rates. (If you are hiring highly-recommended, high-end developers, you don't necessarily need to do this.)


You will eventually work with only one developer or a team of developers who will complete your project. But you need to have an initial test phase first in order to select the right person or persons to do the work.


You can be upfront with the developers about the fact that you are hiring multiple people and will continue only working with the ones who demonstrate work that will best fit your needs.


During the test phase, you will pay all developers for their work and time, including the ones whose work you end up throwing away. But this is a very tiny part of your overall project budget.

You'll want to hire at least 4 different developers and have them work on identical or very similar tasks. After they all submit their initial tasks or work for two or three hours, have your project manager evaluate their work. Choose the best contractor and have that person continue working on the project. If none of them are any good, then hire more people to start from scratch and to evaluate.


Here are some of the things your project manager will look for as she carefully considers the work submitted by the web developers:


- did the developer do any work at all?

- did the developer provide good value (amount of work relative to amount paid)?

- were communications between you (or the project manager) and the developer good? Do you feel the developer understood what you wanted?

- how is the quality of the work, from both a front-end as well as back-end (source code) perspective?

- how is the performance (page load speed, functionality, etc.)?

- did the developer simply copy work from elsewhere or is this original work?


If you make sure you hire multiple web developers, you will save time and money and ensure higher quality for your project.


Note that for many types of work, hiring multiple contractors as part of a test phase is NOT necessary. But for web development projects, it is kind of a no-brainer to do this. Many clients have had failed projects or paid for a lot of useless work because they failed to choose a good developer for their project. Unless you pay top dollar, there is no way to choose the right person based only on job proposals, interviews, portfolios and profile pages.

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Preston, I may be missing something, but where did web development come into this?

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "Preston, I may be missing something, but where did web development come into this?"


That was what I thought the original poster was talking about when I first read what he said about copying from other websites.


But upon re-reading it... I see what you mean... It is more likely he was referring to content in terms of writing, not web development... Although its not entirely clear. OP merely refers to "content."


There are so many "client complains about fraudulent contractor" stories... They all kind of blur together sometimes.

This is unfortunate, because I believe the majority of Upwork contractors are honest and ethical.

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Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Tony,


I have followed up with the team and they will update your open ticket as soon as possible.


Thank you for your patience.

~ Valeria
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Lee G Member Since: May 19, 2016
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Tony, did you get your $ back?

I had a very similar thing occur and I am requesting a refund, which so far has not been granted. It's been a month.


Any tips?