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Freelancers contacting our company directly for a job posting on Upwork

Our company receives a large number of emails from freelancers regarding job posts that we publish on Upwork. We consider these emails to be spam or cold emails, as the freelancers and agencies are not responding to specific job postings or proposals. We also receive cold calls from freelancers.

As we consider these emails and calls to be spam, we do not reply to them. However, we are not sure how to report this type of activity to Upwork.

Can you please provide guidance on how to reduce the amount of spam emails and calls that we receive from freelancers? We would also appreciate it if you could let us know how to report this type of activity to Upwork.

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I believe there is slight issue in the way you might be handling the Upwork Jobpost. First no freelancer can know details about the client till they apply to the job and his proposal get response message from client. It seems you are including your company details in the job post through which freelancer / agencies are able to figure out the company and the contact details. 

 If you are putting company details (website link) or any contact details in the job post then this is against Upwork TOS too. If you remove these details then you might be able to avoid the cold calling and spam emails activities.

Thank you for your feedback. We did not include any company link or email in the job posting, only the name of the company. However, it is possible that freelancers are able to find our contact information through other means.


Some freelancers act like stalkers. They will hunt you down, look for names, your family, etc. to try and impress you and seem familiar. Usually, the same people have few to no skills, and obviously no ethics.

I believe company name and location is sufficient to search for the company details in most cases. Keeping job post to just describing the job required to be done and avoiding company name and any other details can help you to greater extent.


 I think it is difficult to prove link between people approaching directly to be Upwork freelancer. Only way to handle spam email is to create inbox rule to mark these email spam and deliver to Spam folder.

yes its possible 


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I'm sorry you are having this experience. The people who do that are not freelancers, and are often scammers or have no skills. Real freelancers are professional and have respect for the ways of doing business, their clients and themselves.


If you try putting a notice that anyone who contacts you will be reported to Upwork, the scammers don't bother to read.


I would take screenshots of all the contacts, and send it through Support. Unfortunately, I doubt anything will happen. While Upwork is not responsible for what people do outside the platform, you should be able to trust that posting a job would not result in stalking behavior.


The only way you stop this behavior, is by posting no identifying information - none. I don't need to know the company when I apply for a job. Because there are scammer clients, I don't trust anything that is posted. You can give a complete description without any identifiers.



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Consider giving a small number of freelancer Invitations instead an open to everyone job. This will greatly reduce the issue.

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If they're not responding to a specific job posting, how do you know they are finding you on Upwork? Most businesses are bombarded with cold emails. I'm just a freelance writer and I get numerous cold solicitations from web developers, designers, SEO "experts", app developers, etc. 

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