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Freelancers only from a certain area

Hey there,


I need a german speaking freelancer from Germany, Switzerland or Austria. How can I restrict a job post to these countries? I don't see any option in the job post settings to set a country?!


The title of my job posting says ONLY GERMAN but anyway people from everywhere are applying. This is super annoying and takes so much time to check all of them.


Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance,


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You cannot. Just with description. 

As option you can ask anyone to write "Im a GERMAN" at begin. Then ignore messages from those who ignored. You also will filter bots.

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Hi Sabrina, I thought Upwork provided a function that allows clients to pick the areas they need freelancers to be from.


What I would do is to start the job offer with a sentence like: "If you are not from Germany, Switzerland or Austria, do not bother to apply, your application will not be considered." As freelancers have to spend "connects" that they buy to apply to a job, they tend to avoid applying to jobs they have no chance of getting.

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You can set the Location Preferences to Germany, Switzerland or Austria:





These location preferences will be displayed to all freelancers, but anyone can submit proposals. Many freelancers will see the Location Preferences and choose not to waste Connects.


I also think some (or many) responses you're getting are auto-generated (bots); they often apply to jobs and disregard any preferences set by the client.

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You could add a screening question asking them that do they understand that you are only willing to hire people from Germany, Switzerland or Austria. Not sure if bots can answer screening questions but it may be worth a try. 

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