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Freelancers scam, can I take legal action? Will UpWork assist?

I have just discovered that my freelancers have not actually been working.  Their work diaries either show no work other than a few mouse clicks for hours at a time, or that the keyboard logged 1800 strokes per minute for hours at a time (365 KPM is extremly fast).  How can I go back more than one week to retrieve some of the money that has stolen from me.  


These guys are in India, is there anything that I can do legally against these guys? 


Can I take action against upwork in any way?  



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Hi Joe,


I see that you have already initiated a dispute for this contract. Upwork team will review all the evidence you've provided and get back to you. I'll also follow up with the team about your concerns.



~ Valeria

But can I go back more than a week?  


These guys have stolen thousands from me.  

I have found even more, here is another member of their team doing the same thing with putting a rock on the keyboard.  


Other memebers of the team would leave the same window open, and the cursor wouldn't move for more than an hour at a time.  

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Joe, 

I went ahead and reported this to the team for their review and action. In the future, I would recommend that you review your freelancer's logged hours during the review period so that you can dispute any hours log that do not meet the terms of your contract with them.

~ Avery

If, by "take legal action", you mean "can I get government-sponsored courts involved in my Upwork situation"...


In theory, you can always try to "take legal action."


As a practical matter, no, you can not take legal action.


The place to deal with Upwork issues is on Upwork. Working within the Upwork system can be extremely effective. Knowing how Upwork works and using the tools Upwork makes available to you will make you effective as a client.


You would be wasting your time and resources to try to go outside of Upwork to try to address an issue you have with a freelancer or an Upwork contract.

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Please Follow the guide line of upwork.Before any kind of contract make sure that they are really eligible for that purpose.

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