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Get help from upwork support + confidentiality agreement between upwork and freelancer

 Hi, I have used upwork for 10+ project and love it. Now I am using it for professional work for the first time with clients and need to know what confidentiality and IP assingment if any has been accepted / signed between freelancers and upwork. If it is inadequate, i will have a new one signed by the freelancer. They are ok with it. Can someone get me a copy of what TOS and confideniality etc are signed by freelancers to protect clients? I asked support but did not hear back and its been 3 days and 3 jobs or on hold. Can someone help? Thanks

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Rajesh, 

Freelancers will not disclose or permit others to disclose another’s Confidential Information to anyone without first obtaining the express written consent of the owner of the Confidential Information. You can always make an additional NDA and send it to your freelancer.
For more details about this you check out 15.1 Confidentiality TOS.

How did you contact our customer support, ticket,live chat ? I didn`t find any requests sent to our customer support from your end.

~ Goran
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