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Has Upwork degraded or Improved since Odesk

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Gary B Member Since: Sep 4, 2015
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Has Upwork degraded or Improved since Odesk ?


My experiance having been with odesk for 4 years , please resell the company.


my reasoning:


One contract created = 3 hire,s = 2 walked of job (had excuse,s ) 1 in dispute, after explaining for 1hour half my issue.


Net result: project monies tied up,project rolled back twice (at cost) project still incomplete.


I,m a postive person,more than able to complete said project myself,not inclined to micro mange unless i have to.

This nickel and dime project under odesk would have run without a hitch,some how upwork,non stop issue,s.


I,m scratching my head,in terms of what has changed ,here. Net result,of the many freelancer sites i,m attached to ,this has dropped in my esteem.




p.s: recently created an agency profile in order to help resolve the issue,s other clients may be facing,pay it forward......alas..should i really bother


Your thoughts and current option on the difference between the odesk and upwork

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Ronald T Member Since: Sep 14, 2009
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As both a client and primarily a freelancer here on Upwork, In my professional opinion the platform has degraded progressively since late 2012, well before the merger. There are still some good clients and good freelancers on the site; however, neither party can find the other courtesy of the algorithms aka "mad robots."


Odesk methodology toward site improvements was essentially a patch job without much intent to add value to the site. On the other hand, Upwork has tried to improve the site by adding value in terms of features for both clients and freelancers.


Unfortunately, past and current management appear to have decided to modify the existing core platform instead of creating a new site from scratch. Obviously, starting over would have been the most expensive route or would it.... Are they "beating a dead horse"? Yes, I believe so.

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Stephen D Member Since: Aug 25, 2015
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Definitely degraded in all aspects. I do not even want to mention the recent downtimes, which in my opinion is not a sign for good management. The platform has never been intuitive, always been buggy. The already bad customer service even got worse. Since management has apparently been trying to re-invent the wheel by adding performance standards with factors far from reality the site is not trustworthy anymore. My JSS jumps several times a day between 85 and 95%. While I have to strip myself in front of clients, not even the client's location is visible. Upwork is clearly showing the freelancers how few they are appreciated. Upwork can be lucky that the competition is not aware of the issues. I cannot find another explanation for their lack of activity in grabbing market shares in this situation.