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Help Making Payment

Hello. I need help making payment. I made a payment which was supposed to be an upfront payment for the developer to start work. I accidentally put in the offer that it was due one week from today. How can I release the funds to the developer now? Also, I made some mistakes in the way the project was described in the offer. Please let me know how I can edit that as well.


Thank you.

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Please be very, very careful making any advance payments "to start work" because that is not generally how it works on Upwork.

If the freelancer walks away with your "advance payment" and delivers nothing at all, there is between little and nothing that can be done.


Upwork has an Escrow system for that very reason - to protect both parties.

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Thank you very much for your feedback. I will give it some thought today. The payment is only one fifth of the project price, and this developer has very good reviews and sample work. So, I likely will want to still go forward, but appreciate the heads up and will keep that in mind for the future. 


If I decide to make the first payment upfront, please let me know how that can be done. Right now it's in escrow. 

If you want to make an upfront payment, you can simply use the client-side Pay Bonus tool.


You may also release any escrow money at any time.

Thank you. 

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