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Help - Not feeling secure with my developer

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Jeff D Member Since: Oct 4, 2015
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I recently re-hired a devleoper to fix a broken link she built for my API.  I thought it would take 5-10 hours so offered her the full 10.  But then she dissapeared on me for 10 days, missed my deadline, and when I finally got in touch with her she said it would take 5 full days and she used my 10 hours for research.  I explained my concern about the obvious non-communication and that a wanted a rebate back.  She refused and started accusing me of "Not being the same person..." 


I have worked with multiple developers over the years and have never had this type of situation.  I paused her contract and am looking for another developer.  


However, I have been trying to get in touch with someome to help me at Upwork with the situation.  I had one phone call and one email but no one is responding from Upwork.


I cannot file a dispute or ask for a rebate because the dispute page is not working on the website for me.  It jsut says you have not disputes but doen not give me any options to create one.  What is the deal there?


Anyway, Help!





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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Jeff, why did you pause this contractor's contract?


If it was me, I would have closed the contract already.


Missing a deadline is one thing, but you described a whole raft of bizarre behavior.


There are some programmers whose work is so brilliant and so economically rewarding to clients that a few eccentricities can be overlooked.


Your developer is not one of those people.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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It is a waste of your time to try to get Upwork customer service involved in this matter.


Use the client-side tools you have at your disposal and which work.


It is not realistic to expect that Upwork will fix a bug on your behalf in a reasonable timeframe by virtue of your having reported the matter to customer service.


Please note that I am not making a statement about what would be a reasonable expectation in an ideal world. I am making a practical statement based on past performance regarding what you can expect with real-world, contemporary Upwork.


You are more likely to have success discussing the issue here in the forum.

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Nick S Member Since: Aug 8, 2015
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Hi Jeff,


In my limited experience here, I agree with Preston and expect Upwork to be no help at all. They're more like Kickstarter than Paypal—it seems to be a buyer-beware platform (and a terrible one, at that.)


If I were you, I would just Cancel (not pause) the Job, file a complaint, and then let them fight it out. Who cares? Don't waste your valuable time, you have a business that needs your attention, and worst case, even if you lose the dispute (which would be ludicrous given your description), you can still make a lot more money than you've burned on 10 hours with one bad developer. 


Try to stay in your happy place. Sometimes you have to cut your losses and save your energy for something more important. If it makes you feel better, I find Upwork incredibly frustrating and non-intuitive as well. 


Good luck.