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Help please! I'm being scammed by a freelancer with evidence, and upwork don't act!

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Mark M Member Since: Jun 15, 2019
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The freelancer name is **Edited for Community Guidelines**


The whole thing happened at once. My project was lengthy, and I never ever used the hourly contract. The reason why I allowed it is because the freelancer assured me the work is gonna be very complex and that she needs payment on weekly basis so that she could be able to survive. I was fool to believe, but this foolish act came from my believe Upwork would intervene if something went wrong. 


At one point after the first month, when I saw no evidence of work, I was gonna cancel the contract. She then informed that she's about to produce the most important part, and is about to prepare it to send as first milestone. She went absent for two weeks, took execuse for another two weeks due to family issues per her say. 


The third month is when I emphasized that the contract would be suspended. At that time, seh took $250 so far. She started to send stuff that has nothing to do with my original contract. Upon suspending the contract, she was able somehow to take around $150 few days later. 


Once the meditation began, the upwork employee asked her multiple times to show proof of work. She submitted nothing, but a claim that she was already putting up some code from scratch. When she sent that code, and after 5 minutes search on google, I found it completely and 100% plaigraized from old source, even letter-by-letter. 


What drove me crazy is that even when the employee told me that it's a mediation so no enforcement of any kind of refund against the freelancer's well! 


So my concern is not about what happend before the contract, but now if someone knows for sure, with a 100% evidence that the freelancer was scamming the client, what upwork can do then?! I mean she literally produced nothing, and when she claimed to upwork's employee that she did a code, she just stole it from the internet and claimed she just did it from scratch! And it's not even on my topic!



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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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I'm very sorry that you had a bad experience while using Upwork.


As you have learned, filing disputes or using Upwork-based dispute and arbitration processes are not a real part of project development.


Disputes and arbitration processes exist on Upwork. I think of them mainly as aspects of marketing and customer retention.


But no client who is doing really serious project development is using those things. The really successful clients manage their projects proactively. They actively look for under-performing team members and simply fire them before they waste a lot of their organization's time and money.

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Mark M Member Since: Jun 15, 2019
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Agree with you on this. I've learned it in the hard way, since I'm more familiar with the fixed-type contract, and thought the kind of relationship is the same of that one in the hourly. 


The issue I'm having now is more related on how I can get my money back. I don't think upwork will allow with all the evidence they have on their table now to pass easy money to a freelancer who literally did nothing but promises and stolen code.