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Hide future job posts from my Freelancers



Each time I launch a new job post the freelancers I have worked with get notified and know about it!


I woulds like to keep all my job postings hidden from my freelancers! How do I do it?



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Karim, as far as I know, they won't be notified. However, they could find your new job post while doing a job search. Only way to prevent that would be to make your job invitation only, and invite only freelancers you haven't worked with. However, you can only invite 3 freelancers unless you upgrade your client membership. If you're concerned that freelancers you hired before will beg you to hire them again, you can block them from sending you messages.

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a good feature that should be added!

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Why would you like to see this feature included? I'm genuinely curious?

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I think you may check your notification settings.

Mainul Islam
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No, as Freelancers we are not notified on our Ex Customer's new jobs. It is a filter that Freelancer can use "My previous Client", when searching for jobs. 

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