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Highly annoying support answers about cookies and restarting the browser

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Al S Member Since: Dec 4, 2015
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I observe that the support team in 90% of cases replies that one should clear the cache, delete cookies, restart browser etc. Obviously the support team is instructed by the management to do so. They do not think (cannot think) whether such a support answer makes sense or not.


@Upwork Management:

I am highly annoyed and I am really mad after receiving about the 10th time an answer like this on my support requests. Either you should teach your people, that they are able to assess a situation correctly whether it might be a browser problem or not, OR, you should teach your people to stop sending nonsense recommendations and instead take care about the problem.


All my support requests in last 5 years never ever had to do with browser caching. And somebody who has the slightest idea about IT will immediately recognize in all requests, that it has nothing to do with browsers. Me as client drives it crazy to get such stupid (sorry to be rude) answers, which do not contribue to solve the problem.


The most incredible experience I had this week:

1. I reported upwork that in conversations with freelancers some advertisement is shown and I asked how does this come


2. Unbelievable but true, the support said I should restart the browser. It took about 4 messages to make the support understand, that it is not a caching issue. I had to investigate with a freelancer, make screenshots etc. I also told the support that I know another upwork member having the same issue. .

Finally they understood and started investigating. After 5 days, they still investigate.


3. Then I opened a ticket about the support quality and that the support team should stop answering 100% of support requests with nonsense blabla about restarting browser. What happens?


- The support identifies this ticket as identical with the ticket opened in 1. The support is not able to recognize that the first ticket was about my reported problem and the 2nd ticket about how support is answering tickets. The support closed the ticket saying it is duplicate


- I re-open and ask the support to *read*. When you re-open a new ID is created. What happens? One of the support members tells me that this is a duplicate!?!?*! He is not able to read. I explain the whole story again. He tells again he has to investigate and comes back it is a duplicate. He is not able to understand that my 2nd ticket is about support quality and not about the technical problem reported initially.


- I repeat the same for 4 times, they do not understand.   Am I talking with humans at the other end or some machines?


- BTW: Another annoyance is that the support closes tickets. @Management: You should let the client decide whether a ticket is closes or not. I am working with several companies using ticket system, never seen any company closing tickets by the support team.



Dear Management: I want to work and I want to get support. I do not want some predefined text-blocks pasted in a support message. This makes one angry. Teach your support that they can recognize when it is clever to say browsers should be restarted, and when it is just a useless answer.

Waiting to get finally an answer from somebody of the management.

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Daniel C Member Since: Nov 21, 2010
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All this for an advertisement?  What are you talking about?


How many browser toolbars do you have installed?




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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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lol @ pic


OP, if you get ad popups, you have malware, or as some people like to say PUPs.


Disable chrome extensions, update antivirus definitions, run scan with good adware software. And then stop running wallpaper.exe that you got from some random site (usually it's porn and no one wants to admit it) on your machine.

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Alan H Member Since: Nov 23, 2014
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Hi Al,


I'm a freelancer here. Sorry you are getting low quality responses from Support. Maybe you have worked in or managed your own help desk, so you have personal experience with delivering tech support. I do have this experience. 


For almost the entire time that I have been involved with Upwork, I have also been working inside a customer support team that is probably similar in size to Upwork's. Hence, I have always taken the approach that the agent may need a little sympathy, and will respond well to a dialog. I almost always use live chat to get Upwork support, because whatever issue I have been dealing with requires some discussion or troubleshooting. I have noticed that the agents do rely heavily on searching the knowledgebase (KB), which is publicly available, but they do seem to know it very well. I have rarely had a bad support experience here. 


Regarding closing tickets, every support organization has to close tickets eventually. The teams are tightly monitored for individual performance, and the metrics are much more meaningful when the noise of stale tickets is minimized.


There has to be some automation in place to manage the backlog. It's not ideal for proactive customers, but overall, the ticket closing workflows are designed for the best possible customer experience.  Unfortunately, merging two tickets that seem like duplicates is not always popular with the client. In your case, the second ticket was not a tech support question. It was a comment about Support in general, and it should have been escalated to management rather than closed as a duplicate issue. 


It does sound like the Support team needs to focus on improving the content of the KB for issues like you are seeing. If they are always recommending that you clear cache and cookies, it sounds like the majority of your issues are technical faults, rather than clarifications about Upwork's procedures. Rather than always telling you to fix it at your end, the team might instead be able to identify real bugs or internal caching issues that they can reproduce and clear at the server. In any case, if you have the time to engage through live chat, I recommend that you do so, rather than waiting through days of unsatisfactory responses.  Engaging in real time lets you correct the agent quickly if he is on the wrong path, and that becomes a polite dialog, rather than a protracted argument.


All the best,



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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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You can't expect customer support to know everything. The guy has malware and the sooner he stops blaming everyone else for his poor downloading habits, the sooner he can cut off data being sent to a third party in the background. Otherwise, he can enjoy his identity theft.

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Sara P Member Since: Jul 22, 2010
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He's talking about this: click!

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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@Sara P wrote:


He's talking about this: click!

That's not ads. That's a preview of the site being linked to in the message center.


I do hope this is it, cuz that would be funny. 

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Al S Member Since: Dec 4, 2015
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I completely agree with you. The support team always has to hear all the problems, they get the bad mood of clients etc. Is it with upwork or any other companies, the support team is at the front and has to deal with problems other causes. It is not an easy job. The fault is with the management which is not able to instruct the team correctly.


I would say in general I am quite patient, It is the first time ever I wrote now such a post. I am already working 5 years with upwork and I can assure you I had many, many tickets which drove me crazy (and not a single one had anything to do with caching), because I get such answers.


Another example: Upwork has since 1.5 years partly massive performance problems. It took one year until this summer the CEO of upwork wrote a message to all community members and acknowledged these problems and finally promised to do something. If there is a performance problem (=waiting 1 minute until page loaded) or the page returns an error and this continues for 2 days, then I contact support, not before. And when I then get the 3rd time the answer that I should restart my browser, then it makes me angry, because it is obvious that Upwork hasperformance problems, beside that many others were complaining it too.


And this is why I asked the support that I can talk with the management. Unfortunately the support did also this not understand, and this makes it diffiult. After many messages they understood and I am waiting for somebody to contact me. It should be the interest of each company, that their support has a minimum level of knowledge. Just answering each request with restart browser definetely is a bad idea.



@Jennifer: That's kindergarden. Rest assured that I check first all other causes before I contact support: Test different browsers, test other websites (performance issuues) etc. When the problem is isolated, then I contact support. So, please stop offending.


@Sara: Exactly, that's probably the problem. Unfortunately it is not only a preview, I got advertisements too, once for hosting. And this is highly annoying, having after each message 1 (sometimes 2) such ads included. In my message threads with freelancers I do not want any advertisement or previews included, I want to work. You can see enclosed an example.

upwork advertisment.png



Overall, this is not the point. This "advertising" issue has to be discussed, but my point here is that the support got instructions primarely to answer "restart the browser, we understand your issues" etc. For many persons it seems really very very hard to make this difference and they jump directly on the referenced initial technical issue, not able to understand that the topic is the approach how support answers requests.



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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Complaining about customer service?


The solution is to not expect customer service to know everything or be able to do everything, particularly relating to problems with your computer which have nothing to do with Upwork. 


Customer service at Upwork is free. You get what you pay for.


if you really want to solve your problem post a job on Upwork and pay an expert to fix this for you while sharing a screen with him.


I have had Upwork contractors fix incredibly complicated networking and configuration issues for me.


Pay an expert. Don't expect $3.00/hr. CS workers to solve your problems.

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Daniel C Member Since: Nov 21, 2010
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"Customer service at Upwork is free. You get what you pay for."


It's not free, it's part of a service that we pay for.  We should have some expectations from support.


CS probably get so many stupid questions that they think we're all morons.  CS resources are wasted on the complainers that don't make any effort to figure it out on their own.


I have been waiting over a year on my client profile because the star rating was confirmed by CS as being way off (~2 stars lower than it should be).  Luckily last time I contact them, after waiting over a year; they asked why I didn't create another client account?


So I created a fresh clean client account with a new rating...  It's a little scary how easy it is to create a new client account without bad reviews.  LOL!



"Pay an expert. Don't expect $3.00/hr. CS workers to solve your problems."


I sure hope Upwork doesn't pay CS the minimum hourly rate on Upwork.