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Hired a freelancer and now he doesn't answer!

i have hired a freelancer and paid him half of money.. he told me he needs 2 days at least... and now have been two weeks and he doesn't answer to me!

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You used the Upwork tool incorrectly.


It is not Upwork's intention that you pay an upfront payment to a freelancer. If you are using a fixed-price contract, you should fund an escrow payment and then release money AFTER you have received the work and reviewed it.


I have hired 178 freelancers on Upwork.

I always get receive projects on time when I commission work through Upwork because I apply best practices.


One of the reasons I am so effective as a client is that I know that every hire does not work out. I assume that some of the freelancers I hire will do nothing. I hire proactively.


If a client hires a freelancer who does nothing at all, then the proper response is: So what? This is normal.


Because I hire almost exclusively using hourly contracts, when a freelancer does nothing, it costs me nothing.


It is important for you to understand that the freelancer you hired IS NOT TRULY ON YOUR TEAM. He does not care about you or your project.


What you should do now is this:

Close that contract. Modify the amount of money to be released, changing it to zero.

Then hire another freelancer using an hourly contract.


More info here:



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You can also flag the person.  Upwork may suspend them for them cheating  others in future

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