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Hired freelancer not responding after feedback provided

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The word "feedback" can have DIFFERENT meanings on Upwork. It often implies that a project is OVER. What do you mean exactly?

Answer (a) or (b):


(a) I am a client. I hired a freelancer. She worked for me. Then project was finished and I closed the project and left feedback. Now I want to chat with her and she won't respond.


(b) I hired a freelancer. She was working on my project and sent me the latest version. I sent some notes about what I want her to change. But I haven't heard back from her.


Is it (a) or (b)? Or something else?


Thank you for clarifying.


Is this an hourly or fixed-price contract?


Regardless of the answer to that question, I can point out a few things:


The freelancer may live in a different time zone than you. It may already be Saturday for her. She might not even be working today. The Upwork videoconferencing and call features do not guarantee that a freelancer will respond when you try to initiate a call. If no call is scheduled ahead of time, then the freelancer may simply not be at her computer.


You may wish to type your message to the freelancer rather than trying to initiate a call.


If this is a fixed-price contract, and the original written task agreement does not specify videoconferencing or audio calls as part of the tasks that the freelancer will perform, then the freelancer is under no obligation to take any calls from you. If she ever did so in the past, then doing so was a courtesy she was providing for free.


I do not know how long it has been since the freelancer stopped responding. If it was a few hours... I guess she is simply taking the weekend off.


If it has been a few weeks... then it sounds like she has stopped working on the project.


NO MATTER WHAT... you have the right to end a contract at ANY TIME. I once hired a freelancer and then fired him five minutes later because I hired him to work with me live using screen sharing and he wasn't ready to do so. Another time I hired a freelancer and didn't hear from him for a full month but I did not fire him because the timeframe for THAT particular project was not pressing.


You are the client. The choice is yours. You manage this.


If you value this freelancer's work and want her to continue working for you, then you may wish to wait some more time. If your project is very time-sensitive and you need further work done on it right now, then you are welcome to assign the next tasks to other members of your team.

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