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Hiring a Neuro Diverse Intern

I have a young adult who is interested in front-end web development.  My colleague has an internship program where they will pay for his compensation and insurance so it is no cost to the company. I am helping him look for work experience.  Are there any companies on UpWork that would be interested in hiring a neuro-diverse individual?  He has a college degree and is eager to learn.
He just needs a chance to try his skills, to learn, and get some honest feedback in order to prepare him for the next step.
Any advice would be appreciated.


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Randi: I can assure you that it doesn't work that way.


You can't post here in the Forum asking for "companies" to hire someone.


If you know someone who wants to be a freelancer on Upwork, feel free to tell them about the platform.


If they want to apply for jobs, they will do so on the main site at Upwork.com


Hi Randi,


If they are interested to work as a freelance, they will need to create a freelancer account. You may share this link with them to help them get started. 

~ Joanne
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