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Horrible experience

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Assia Z Member Since: Sep 21, 2019
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I paid for a website that’s completely infected now and pages content is being deleted.... this is a real scam

The freelancer has ruined the website and doesn’t even agree to refund my money. Upwork doesn’t help either with these issues and their customer service is not professional at all..

Please don’t pay freelancers until your work is verified by a professional... I literally paid for something that has to be redone from scratch

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "I paid for a website..."



I'm very sorry if you had a bad experience while using Upwork.


It appears you may have had some misunderstandings about how the site works. Upwork does not sell websites, or any other products. Upwork helps clients find freelancers.


There are ways to use Upwork to ensure high-quality results. It sounds like you have already realized that one of the things a project owner can do is to work with a professional - somebody other than the freelancer creating the site - to verify the freelancer's work.


A common arrangement for doing this is that the project owner hires an independent "project manager" (PM). A project manager can look at a freelancer's work as it is submitted and verify that it is appropriate for the project owner's needs. A project manager can help a project owner decide which freelancers to continue working with on the project - and which ones to fire.


Also: As you have learned, Upwork Customer Service representatives can help in many ways, but they can not necessarily make everything better when there are problems with a project. A wise and knowledgeable client plans his projects proactively, and plans to never ask for help from Upwork Customer Service as a way to interact with freelancers. A wise and knowledgeable client knows that he has all the power he needs through the Upwork user interface.

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Sheila F Member Since: Apr 6, 2017
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Assia Z wrote:
I paid for a website that’s completely infected now and pages content is being deleted.... this is a real scam

What do you mean by "completely infected now"? Was it fine initially and now doesn't work? What was the timeframe between launch and "infected"? Websites get hacked all the time. Some sites need a lot of attention in order keep the bad guys out. And the bad guys act quickly. I just put a new site online and within two days it was being bombarded by a bot looking for weakness. The initial probe was just fours hours after going online.


I guess I'm not ready to agree the freelancer is a scammer until I know more about what happened and when.