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Hourly Billing & Reporting

I currently have several open contracts with the same freelancer and this happens often as I hire good freelancers multiple times on different projects.


When I'm billed, I just get a lump sum amount for all hourly contracts. So I can't really tell the charges apart from each of the different projects.


After several layers of digging, it appears there's a reference ID, you click that link...then click the invoice link...which gives you the Contract ID....in a PDF. This is extremely frustrating from a user experience point of view and is basically useless.


Speaking with Support was even worse. Their only solution was to upsell me on Upwork Plus to get better reporting. That's a terrible solution.


Is there a better way to get this information? Has anyone found a workaround for this?

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Hi Mike,

I believe that when you open different jobs for different projects with the same freelancer, you can get billed separately. 

For example I am freelancing as an Architect with a client and we both know where to bill which work by giving projects different names. tell the freelancer to use separate timer app for each project.

Thanks for your input. I'm pretty sure the freelancer is already billing his time to each project. I don't think that's the problem.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Mike,


Thanks for taking time to share your feedback with us. I understand how including the contract name and ID in the transaction description would be helpful, especially when having several ongoing contracts with the same freelancer. I'll go ahead and share this feedback with our product team.

I would like to confirm that reports currently available with Basic Membership Plan are Weekly Summary (via email,) Transactions, and Work Diary while Plus Membership provides access to additional, more granular reports. For more information about various reports, please see this help article.

~ Bojan
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Can someone from Upwork confirm, if it is a violation of ToS, if I see a potential work opportunity can I offer my services on the community forum?

Hi Ashraf,


Please keep in mind that this is not allowed and it is in violation of our Community Guidelines. Thank you.

~ Goran

Thanks Goran!

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