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Hourly Freelancer Scam

Good day, 

I cant find a conclusive way to go about the partial return of funds for work completed by a freelancer that was not acceptable, complete or fit for purpose. We had a peer review by a local developer of the work completed &  the work tendered ended up being nothing more than adding a plug in to our website without doing any integration or completing the tasks as set out in the original job posting. 

The peer review finished by saying " I would of done that for free, becuase it would of taken more time for me to write the invoice ". 

I asked the Freelancer to supply evidence of what they did, but it went no where. 
I discussed with the Freelancer who agreed to a refund, of which i requested a percentage only instead of the full amount; he can not pay for 2-4 weeks he says. I didnt want to leave myself open any longer to their delays ( Project has run over for 7 days already ) I  have sent a request for the refund of 300USD but i think this just goes to the Freelancer.

Can anyone let me in on how I can approach Upwork in a timely manner to have this resolved so I can get this projected completed. 

Thanks in advance. 


May I also add, after the billing period it has taken the Freelancer 7 days to show me a run through of the work. So I would of had no oppourtunity to dispute without first viewing the work given that over 5 days had passed from the billing period. 

I think the Freelancer took the hours to get payment in that pay period. 

Not good. 

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Jed,


I`m sorry to hear about the bad experience you had.
Our team will reach out to you via ticket as soon as possible and will assist you further directly there. You can access your tickets on this Link. Thank you.

~ Goran
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