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Hourly Rate Filter Not Meeting My Needs

I'd like to propose an update to how the Hourly Rate filter functions when hiring freelancers. Please upvote me here if you'd like to see this change also.


Currently, Clients may filter prospective freelancers based on hourly rate within four ranges:

  • Any hourly rate
  • $10 and below
  • $10 - $30
  • $30 - $60
  • $60 & above


I would like this to be more granular so that I could filter based on a more specific range, for example $20-$40 or $35-$75. This would allow Clients to more adequeately identify prospecive freelancers among the thousands of freelancer results that they are presented with. The filters are incredibly powerful, but this type of modification would be a hugely beneficial improvement for Clients.


I have ideas for adding other filters and changing existing ones, but this one is my top priority. It would be great if Upwork had a platform separate from the Community Forums where users could propose/reqest new features and feature updates, and allow others to upvote.

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Sure, that's something that needs to be upgraded.

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A great idea Mr Dave C. This would be a great upgrade to this platform.

 You can also hire me for your project sir. Thanks


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You can do this now but you have to edit the url in the browser address bar for example if I wanted freelancers from the united states I would use the filters to set location to united states and then the hourly rate from 30 to 60 which would return this url 




next manually change the 30-60 text in the url to whatever you want so in your case 35-75




now press the enter key and it will only show freelancers with rates between 35-75




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