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How Upwork and *Edited* stole $27.5K

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Jennifer D Member Since: Feb 15, 2016
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You are saying that you worked with a freelancer for a year and also that you cancelled a contract within 24 hours - which is it?


If you chose to release a fixed price milestone without receiving a deliverable, for whatever reason, then unfortunately the case is not that anyone "stole" anything from you - you chose to release those funds, which is why Upwork are probably saying they can't help you.


While I sympathise with your frustration, the system is set up to be in the client's favor when used correctly.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "I am not disappointed I am so angry that your organiztion can treat people this way"



Nobody wants you to be disppointed or angry.


But you have not once explained what happened to you.


You have only said that you're angry and you have posted vague suggestions that Upwork may be involved. Or maybe it's the Post Office or a relative. We don't know.


Often we can offer concrete advice and help people out. But there's no context here. We can't offer any advice for dealing with the situation you already encountered, for recovering any of the money you claim (without explanation) to have lost, or for doing things differently in the future.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "Why on earth you released so much money?"


Giorgi: We really don't know what happened. The original mentions "$27.5K" in the title of this post, but has provided no context or explanation about the number.