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How can I see all the Submitted Proposal AFTER i start the contract?

I hired a Freelancer for a job and Started the Contract. However the free lancer has been non responsve and  I'd like to see all the applicants that applied for that job. so I can choose another one. How can i do that?





Log into your client-side Upwork page.


Jobs -> My Jobs ->

Click on "View previously filled and closed job postings"


In the "Jobs" list, click on the job title of interest


You should see options to view people you hired, people you interviewed, people you invited, etc.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Andy,


If the jobs posting has already been closed, you'll need to click on "View All Job Postings" and then click on the name of the job. Since all the proposals are archived once the job is closed, you'll be able to find them under "Archived" tab:



~ Valeria

Top menu > Find Work > Proposals



Thank you for participating in this thread, Will!

I'd like to note that this is a post from 2017, and the client was asking help in locating the proposals that were submitted for their job post. 

Just the same, this is an excellent illustration on how freelancers can locate the proposals they submit for jobs. Robot Happy

Please don't hesitate to participate in other boards such as New to Upwork, and Freelancers for a lively discussion with other freelancers like you. 

Have a great day!

~ Avery