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How can we view our historical rating from freelancers on the Upwork website.

I can't seem to navigate to where this information is displayed.


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Hi Keith,

You can view your complete Work History & Feedback is to click on any posting (active or closed) on your Jobs page then go to View Job Post> View Posting. If you go to Jobs> All Contracts, you can see feedback for each job individually and respond to it under Terms & Settings.





I am looking for consultants ratings of my company, not my company's ratings of the consultants that we have hired.

Many thanks.


If you view any of your previous job posts (open or closed) and scroll down to the bottom, you'll see the "Client's Work History and Feedback" section, which shows the ratings you received *from* each freelancer, with a smaller line below showing what you gave *to* that freelancer. You can also see your overall client rating on the right-hand side.


Job history.PNG

Client profile2.PNG


Hello Jennifer,

I still cannot find the "Client's Work History and Feedback" section. Does it still exist? Are you sure those instructions are correct? Can you send a screenshot?

Many thanks.


Hi Keith,

Just to confirm that Jennifer instruction are correct and they still exist. 
If your experiencing any problems with this let me know, if private information are involved you can send me a PM(click on my name).

~ Goran

Thank you. I found it now. I had to click on View Job Post at top left then View Posting to the right.

Jennifer, thank you for educating me - once again!

You have to be the best source of info, esp.from the client perspective, on the platform.

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