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How do I change my client photo? Glitch?

I can change my freelance account profile photo, but there's no option to change my client account profile photo...


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Hi Ted,


You should be able to change your client profile picture by going to Settings > My Info, using the pencil icon to edit the Account section, and clicking directly on the picture you currently have. A window should come up where you can upload a new picture.


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Hi there. I have a freelancer and a client account. Can I remove my profile photo from the client account only (not from the freelancer account)? When I try editing /updating the photo, it just gives an option to upload a new photo (not remove the existing one). I don't want any photo on the client account. 

Hi Sameen,


Thank you for reaching out to us. It is allowed to remove a profile photo if your account is a client-only account. My apologies but per design and system limitations, removing of profile photo is not available for your account since you have both freelancer and client profiles. 


You may replace your client profile photo with the logo of your business if you do not wish to show your actual photo on your client account.

~ AJ
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