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How do I complain about a freelancer?

I want to complain and report a freelancer, please advise


If you roughly describe the situation (without naming names or adding personal details), we can tell you how (and indeed if) you can report what happened.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi David,


To request help, you can click the question mark icon (see screenshot) located at the bottom right corner of this page and provide information about your account type as well as the issue you need help with. If you don't receive the information you're looking for, you can click the "thumbs down" button and you'll see more support options.


As Petra said, feel free to post here in the Community about your situation so that we can check. You can also send me a private message with the details of your complaint and I'll make sure to escalate it to the correct department.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar

Petra is right.

The best thing for you to do is to explain your situation a little more so we know what is going on.


There are situations in which it may be appropriate to file a formal complaint or report a freelancer, and situations where it is not appropriate.


We don't know if your freelancer asked you to pay her off-platform and scammed you out of thousands of dollars, or if your freelancer wore a T-shirt promoting a football team you don't like during a Zoom call.


As a general concept:

You, as the client, ALWAYS have the right to close a contract (meaning: you fire the freelancer). So... NOT filing a complaint about something you don't like is always an option.


If a freelancer does something you don't like, your options are:

- end the contract, without telling the freelancer why

- end the contract, while explaining to the freelancer what you didn't like

- don't end the contract, but ask the freelancer not to do that again

- don't end the contract, and don't say anything; tolerate the behavior


Complaining formally to Upwork would typically only be done if the freelancer did something that clearly violates Upwork TOS (Terms of Service, the rules).


But firing a freelancer or asking her to change her behavior does not need to be based on Upwork rules. That can be based on your own preferences.

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