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How do I contact a Freelancer that I want to work with?

Hi Upload Experts


I found a Freelance that I really want to work with.  How do I contact him or start the process?

Tried to go into support but the endless info the Chat Bot throws at me is not helpful; at all.


Thank you








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You need a client account and can start here Upwork Customer Service & Support | Upwork Help

in the "I am a Client" section

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It is so easy for me to contact a freelancer who I want to work with.

1) I have a client aspect activated within my Upwork login account

2) I create a job posting, and set it to private 

3) I go to the freelancer profile page 

4) I click the buttton to invite the freelancer to apply to my job (which really is a button that invites him to talk to me about the job)


Hi Aida,


Thank you for reaching out to us. As Sophie already shared, to be able to hire freelancers on Upwork you need a client account. You can create a client account by following the steps below. 


  • Go to Settings > Contact Info and scroll down to Additional accounts.
  • Choose New Client Account.
  • Once set up, use the account menu at the top-right of your screen to switch between using Upwork as a client, freelancer, or agency.


You can find more information in this help article. Additionally, you may want to check this article to help you hire freelancers on Upwork. Let us know if you have further questions. 

~ Nikola
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