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How do I report a poor job by a freelancer


Please how do I report a poor job by a freelancer. I asked a freelancer to do a job but ended up doing something else. He is polite, however, the job did not address my request. How can I report that and have it investigated?

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re: "I asked a freelancer to do a job but ended up doing something else. He is polite, however, the job did not address my request. How can I report that and have it investigated?"


Upwork is not going to investigate this.

Investigating the relative level of quality of a job that a freelancer did for you, or rating the quality of the work that the freelancer did, is not a service that Upwork provides.


As a client, I have hired over 180 freelancers.


Most of them were great! Some were mediocre. A few were scoundrels.

I'm a busy person. I can assure you that I do not spend my time thinking about freelancers who do a poor job.


I monitor the work done by freelancers, and if I don't love their work, I end the contract.


I FULLY EXPECT that some of the freelancers I hire will do a poor job.

That is a key reason why I am so successful as a client.


When you close a contract, you are welcome to provide honest feedback about your experience with them.

THAT is how clients report that a freelancer did a poor job.

Preston. But what about clients who take on a job then they END it before the deadline ( literally days before ) and say... I can't do it, or i have other things to do? There is no way for me to leave a feedback and warn other clients. They will just keep doing this. Upwork needs to provide a way for us clients to leave a negative feedback on their profile. I just had this happen with a project. She took it on, it was due today and i log in and find she cancelled it a few days ago and she goes on her merry way without any consequences and im out an entire week. 

You are putting the needs of others ahead of your own needs.


You are thinking about the freelancers. And you are thinking about other clients.

You can leave a review even if the freelancer cancels the project - you have 14 days before the opportunity expires.

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Chalk it up as a loss and move on

Prashant's advice is the way to go.




One of the key ways clients do this is to proactively plan to never ask freelancers for money, no matter how poorly they do.


A client's time is valuable. She shouldn't waste her time trying to mentor a freelancer or train a freelancer to be a better person. She shouldn't try to balance a freelancer's karma by making sure the freelancer doesn't receive money that he doesn't "deserve."

Well said

Thanks for the advise Preston. Hoping to achieve a better time frame in achieving a quality workflow 

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If freelancer have not delivered an expected outcome than the job is not done. I believe you should not accept the wrong solution to the problem and provide genuine feedback to the freelancer. Is your contract fixed price or Hourly. If it is fixed price than you can reject the milestone and if its hourly than you can reject the timesheet submitted if not aprpoved.

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If you paid monies and the project has been closed within 14 days, leave feedback. Thanks!

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You can't report bad quality unless you issue a dispute on a fixed rated job, or the same on a tracked hourly job. On the latter, you can only dispute hours.  On the former, you could claim a refund and if necessary take it to arbitration.  Upwork doesn't intervene on quality.  As others have said, you can leave a poor review.  It would be worth while to read Upwork's ToS under https://www.upwork.com/legal#useragreementand particluarly section 2.1 "Relationship with Upwork".

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Unfortunately, it seems that Upwork does not provide solutions. Some less charitable individuals may speculate about what they actually do.

Upwork provides an opportunity for clients to find, hire and pay freelancers.


Upwork does not claim that it provides solutions or project management.


I think this is where many less experienced clients go wrong:

They think that Upwork provides project management or guarantees. It does not.

definitely I assume there are less experience client go wrong but they need to step up their game in providing top notch service to potential client..   

The solution is that Clients don't have to trawl through the Yellow Pages.

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