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How do I send documents to Applicants?

Hello -

I have several jobs posted and I have several dozen candidates that I would like to get quotes from. However, there appears to be no way to send them the document I'd like to have estimated for translation. Is there a way to send them a file without hiring them?


Yes, Through attachment


You can attach a document to a job posting.


You can include a link in the job posting to a document file that you put on your website or FTP server or in your Dropbox.


You can attach a file or send a file to job applicants who apply to your job, using Upwork messenger.


If a contractor applies to your job, you can ask for her email address and send the document to her via email.


I am also having this issue... how do I initiate contact with an applicant?

Jennifer ,   I hope the below answers you.

How do I hire on Upwork? What do I look for in a freelancer? First think about the work and skills you need, then describe your job and post it. Freelancers will soon submit their best proposals for your review. You can also invite freelancers to submit proposals from a list of potential matches we highlight, or search our entire freelance community for that perfect fit. Next, evaluate freelancers by reviewing their Upwork profile – which can include work experience and samples, client feedback, test scores and much more. You may also want to look for freelancers in our Top Rated Program. Then, have a quick interview with your top candidates to answer specific questions. To enlist a freelancer’s services, simply click the “Hire” button to get started.

How do I make my project a success? Start by writing a clear and concise job post. When evaluating candidates, focus on freelancers with proven work on similar projects (we'll match you with a short list of freelancers likely to succeed). Once you’ve selected your freelancer, communicate clearly about your needs.


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re: "When you have a moment, can you update the Roles Described page?"

I'm not sure I've ever seen this question.


This is easy to do.


Just click on the applicant's listing and you should be able to communicate with them directly via the Upwork messaging tool.


If anybody applies to a job that you post, you can communicate with them.

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