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How do i file a complaint against a freelncer?

I have a freelancer I have been trying to work with for at least 5 weeks. After failed attempts to get him to work on time, I decided to part ways. I asked him to upload my files, and I would pay out the contract. He told me that there was no need to pay him because the video I ‘gave’ him was payment enough. I did not give him my video. I shared it so he could learn from it. As I was cleaning up the folder, I noticed he did not upload all of my files from a previous video that I already paid for. No response. The original request was three weeks ago. He told me he did it 3 weeks ago. I specifically asked for one AE file because its a repeatable asset in other videos. He said it was there. I just got AE on my computer and opened all the files looking for it. Not there. I asked him for it again. No response. He believes he owns files i have paid for. He posted one on his profile without asking me. I just want my files so I can start new with another freelancer. And, i want him to destroy all copies of my work from his machine after giving me what I paid for. Are there any steps I can take besides leaving bad feedback?

Hi Shawntay,


I'm sorry to hear about your experience working with this freelancer. Can you please share the contract ID so I can check and assist you? Thank you! 

~ Joanne

I just completed a project with a freelancer. She asked me yesterday to approve her invoice but I didn’t see an invoice that was outstanding. So in an effort to get her paid, i gave it in a bonus. Well this morning, she was paid for the hourly and the bonus. Both $480 and refuses to refund one of the payments.


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Thank you for reaching out to us, Leigh.


One of our agents will reach out to you directly and advise you further regarding your concern.

~ Bojan
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