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How do you reject the cubmitted work and end a contract? Also, how do you contact upwork support?

I opened a job to design a logo, which a hired freelancer said she did, but upon googling I found this image being used a good number of times.


How do you reject such "work", end contract and report a freelancer?


Also I can not possibly find a support contact details, not even a contact form? Is this normal (or even legal) for this site?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Slava,


I'm sorry about your experience with this freelancer. I see you already requested changes, communicated with your freelancer and submitted a support request regarding the work you received. You can use the Cancel contract button, choose an appropriate action in regards to the available Escrow funds and leave your feedback for the freelancer.

~ Vladimir
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Discuss with the freelancer first via “request changes” - if that does not work, simply close the contract and choose the option to request a return of the Escrow funds while doing so.

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