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How long does feedback take to show up?

As the title really, I left feedback I think yesterday morning, the job shows on the mans list but says no feedback left.


I just checked again, it says he has replied and 'the client made this feedback private'. I'm almost sure I didn't but have never used the site before so have I ticked or unticked something I shouldn't have?. The feedback was all good and I would like it to show.


This is probably a bug. One of my client's reviews showed as 'client has made this comment private', but he hadn't.


Also, read the FAQs, this should tell you everything you need to know.





Feedback usually takes several days to show in your profile. You should still be able to view the feedback. 




The main issue is that oDesk has not the correct behaviour against frauds & scammers.

oDesk collaborates with them, covering their lack of skill.

I had a bad freelance experience and oDesk blocked my negative feedback about him.

I am waiting an answer to my claim from 6 months and my negative feedback cannot appear on his profile.

This is not the right way of working.

oDesk canceled the confidence of clients about this way of hiring freelancers.

oDesk destroyed his business.

oDesk did not block your negative feedback. You messed up by giving the freelancer positive feedback in the first place and then opening a new $1.00 job for the freelancer.


Next time, don't give feedback on the chance that the work will improve and on the chance that you will be satisfied.