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How to Get Remaing Money Back to My Credit Card?

Hello, friends,

I am a newbie and not familiar with the refund policy of Upwork though I have read the rules 3 times. 


So far I have requested 2 refunds after I and the freelancer had an agreement. But I can only see the money in the Remaining section, how it will be back on my credit card?


I have checked my credit card transactions history and did not find I have received any refund from Upwork. I don't know how that happens. Actually, it has been 6 days since I submitted the refund request. The money is still staying in the Remaining section.



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Don't look at the Remaining section, that is simply money that was agreed, but hasn't been paid to the freelancer.


What does it say about "paid" and "in escrow"?


When you "request a refund", the freelancer can either approve that or ignore it. Only "approving" the refund request will send the money back to the client.

If this is about a refund of money that was still in escrow, that is a different matter.

In general, you should see a refund under your Reports Transaction History

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