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How to accept proposal to proceed

Hi - we have chosen a freelancer for our job, done all the money stuff and he is asking us to accept the proposal to proceed. He sent us a link which takes us to a help page which talks about clicking a 'make offer' button. I don't see a make offer button. Nor can I find anywhere a way to accept the proposal to proceed. We're so close to completing te hire but furstrated by this site. Can anyone point us in the right direction?

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Hi Samantha,


Sorry about the confusion. When you go to Messages, you'll see the "Hire Freelancer" button at the top of your interview room with that freelancer. Click that button and you'll be directed to the page where you can create an offer and hire him.



~ Valeria

I think this website really needs a better and more intutive workflow designer. I am not able to find the hire freelancer button. I want to use upwork more often but its user interface is really scary to me. Amazon UI is great and I can see my frequency is increasing to shop around on Amazon. You guyes seriously should consider this.

Please provide help asap.

Hi Nitin,


I'm sorry to hear you're having difficulties navigating our website. Please note that you can't hire freelancer from Messages but can send an offer to the ones you shortlisted by following the steps outlined here or by using the Hire Now button on freelancer profiles. Please review the client resources and let us know if you need further guidance.

~ Vladimir

I totally agree with Samanta & Nitin.  A ridiculously difficult site to use.  I also had an issue with costing for my job, as it's (again) utterly unclear what's happening.  Don't think I'll use it again actually !

Why do one have to make a hire/new offer to a already given proposal? If there's been A poposal I should be able to accept it directly not have to do a new proposal/hire back.


A proposal from the freelancer seems more to be a "Waiting for terms" than an actual proposal sent...

Thanks for sharing your feedback, Thomas. To clarify, an offer entails defined and clear contract terms which usually derive from the information the freelancer included in their proposal and the communication between the two parties during the interview, during which the job scope and budget are discussed in detail.


Since a freelancer's proposals contain budget, time frame and additional terms for completing the job based on the information the client included in their job post, these terms and the job details are usually discussed further before being agreed upon and confirmed by both parties via the offer step of the process. I understand the nature of your suggestion and would like to invite other freelancers and clients to the conversation, asking them to share their opinion about the pros and cons of the option to create a contract directly from freelancers' proposals.

~ Vladimir

Okej, thanks for the info and for checking out possible future improvements. Have a great day now!

don't work. pls. help

Hi Peter, 


I checked your account, and I can see that the freelancer you invited to submit a proposal to your job post has responded. You may check this by clicking the job you posted. Please let us know if you need further assistance. Thank you! 

~ Joanne
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I agree it's ridiculous, I could have done the job myself in the time this has taken, still looking for the hire button but now I have to first find a shortlist button and then an interview button!!

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oh no, also find the deposit button. such a bad site!

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100% agree. This is nonsense. I should be able to send a proposal and the client should be able to accept that proposal. Done. I do a great job of inspiring confidence and ease of use regarding my services.. and then they often get scared and confused during the process of trying to figure out how to accept or fund a proposal. You're a publicaly traded company, get your stuff together. Nonsense!
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I hope Upwork will add the feature to allow a customer to directly approve a proposal. It would be less confusing for a new freelancer and a new customer since I thought a customer can accept my proposal. Currently, there is additional work for the customer who needs to copy-paste the task description written on the proposal.
By the way, the task description of a milestone is using a one-liner text input field instead of a multiline textarea field, which is not enough to include all legal terms and we cannot add attachments to an existing proposal so I had to host my terms as a PDF file on Google Drive but it is not convenient to host terms on a third-party website. After that I had to add the link on my proposal description and then ask the customer to copy-paste the description with the link in his offer description.

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Agreed, how do i accept proposal???

Hi Sheri,


You can review proposals by going to your job posting and clicking on the 'Review Proposals' tab. Beneath that, you should see a list of the freelancers that submitted proposals. Clicking on the freelancer's name should open the proposal details and also, you have the option to send an offer to the freelancer or message them.


Let us know if you have further questions.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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The Upwork concept is incredible.  However, you guys need work on easification and simplification. I am pounding the keys looking to accept the offer and am just screwing things up more.  Sooooooo frustrating. Why not have a button near the messages?  I'll never get this time back.....

Hi Adam, 


Thanks for your feedback. I'll make sure to share this with the team for consideration. As for your concern with sending an offer, please follow these steps:


  1. Go to the My Jobs page
  2. Open the posting you wish to hire on
  3. Locate the freelancer or agency you’d like to hire
  4. Click the Hire Freelancer or Hire Agency button
  5. Send an offer to the freelancer or agency

Here's the help article for additional information. 

~ Joanne
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My address has been updated already down to city, state and country. But my consultant keeps on receiving message that my address is not complete ? Can you assist? Thx

Hi Rahul,


Thank you for reaching out to us. One of our team members will reach out to you directly via a support ticket to assist you further. You can access your tickets on this page.


~ Nikola
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