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How to archive the message?



I have a long list of conversation with my freelancer, and some of them including some steps on the work itself. 


I am wondering How to archive these messages in order for me to have it locally in my computer.




There isnt an option to archive directly the messages from the room.

As an alternative, go to the messages exchanged with the freelancer, select the text with the mouse, right click copy -> paste in a word document, which you save on your computer.

Hi Claudia, 


Thank you for the reply.


But this approach is taking time given the conversation is very long. Imagine that this is a such a long contract (i.e., 1 month) and every day both of client-freelancer update something interactively on the chat session. We dont want to do this copy+paste thing as the message is not showed all, and we need to scroll all the way up and down to do this.


Having such a system that can archive the chat session (at least weekly or event monthly) is something that I am sure Upwork Guru/Expert can do to improve the system. This is also help the sequence of the chat session that sometimes including attaching figures, files etc. I know that files/figures is saved on the chat menu as well, but it was not on the body of chat session.


Looking forward to any other solution or make this feature implemented as well.






is old but maybe helpfull for others searching same thing.
enter the conversation you want to save and scrollt up to the very top (first message)

then simply save the page on your harddrive in your project folder. all text and images should be saved
do this every now and then and you good.

This is ridiculous that you at Upwork have not fixed this.  The chat history is vital to understanding what has gone on in a project.  Right clicking, highlighting the text, then have to scroll up to capture the whole conversation is a nightmare.  Often times, the app simply will not let you scroll up any more.