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How to cancel a contract and escrow refund?

Hi, I am reading through the steps of requesting a refund on my escrow: 


To request an escrow refund

  1. Go to My Jobs to locate the contract
  2. Choose the (...) options menu and select End contract
  3. Choose Pay nothing and request a refund or Pay another amountwhen ending the contract



Unfortunately, when I tried the follow the steps, #3 is different for me than the steps above. It says in the steps that I can choose "Pay nothing and request a refund" when ending the contract. But when I clicked End contract, I am brought to a pop up window that says: 


"Are you sure you want to end this contract?

You'll be prompted to provide feedback and make any final payments in the following steps."


I am too scared to hit End Contract after reading this window. How am I ensured that I request for an escrow refund after I hit End Contract? Will I also be refunded 100% of the amount that the freelancer and I agreed to? 


Hi Raisa,


Thank you for your message. If you choose the option 'Pay nothing and request a refund' while ending the contract, your freelancer will be notified about the escrow refund request. We will refund the money from the escrow in case your freelancer approves the refund or does not respond within seven days. If the freelancer dispute the refund request, we will notify you by email and you can either accept or reject their response. Check out this help page for more information.


Thank you,



I don't see any "Pay nothing and request a refund" option. Where do I find it? 

Hi Raisa,


You can find the End Contract option in the three dots menu at the top right-hand corner of the contract room. While you're ending the contract, you'll be prompted to make any final payments and that's where you'll see the "Pay nothing and request a refund" option. Select that, and the refund request will be sent to the freelancer when you end the contract.



What if the freelancer is arrogant and non-professional and doesn't accept the pay-nothing request and doesn't agree to it and open a dispute? Will I get my money back which is held in Escrow?

Hi Wasil,


Your freelancer or an agency can dispute the refund request. If this happens, we will notify you by email and you can either accept or reject their response. Once a dispute is submitted, you may review or update the request by logging into your Upwork account and going to the Help Center, and choosing My Requests/Disputes. The mediation process can take up to 21 days.


Feel free to check this help article to learn more about how to Get an Escrow Refund.


~ Arjay

Every time a client funds an escrow payment, he needs to be prepared to never get that escrow money back.

It is not Upwork's intention that the client every get escrow money back.

The intent of the system is that the freelancer do the work, and the client release the money to the freelancer.


But if the freelancer doesn't do the work, Upwork has no way of knowing that.


Honorable freelancers will immediately agree to a refund if they didn't do any work. But less honorable freelancers may not be so quick to issue a refund.


A client NEEDS TO BE PREPARED TO NOT GET MONEY BACK. If the amount of money is too much for the client to NOT GET BACK, then the client needs to use SMALLER MILESTONES. Or the client needs to use an hourly contract that he can control and cut off immediately without any pre-paid work.

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