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How to cancel escrow refund request

I mistakenly asked for an escrow refund, because I mixed up 2 contracts. Now I would like to cancel the escrow refund request. (I would like to avoid ending the contract and then paying through a bonus, because we are not so close to the freelancer and I don't want him to agree to the cancelation and then only hopew for a payment).


Thanks in advance.

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Conor,


Unfortunately you won't be able to cancel the request. The freelancer can either approve the refund or decline it. If the freelancer doesn't approve the request a dispute will be opened. 

As you`ve mentioned, you can pay your freelancer as a bonus and have them approve the request. Once the contract is closed both you and your freelancer will still be able to provide truthful feedback for each other. Thank you.

~ Goran

What exactly is the reason for not being able to cancel a request? It's easy to make one in error. The interface is terribly confusing PLUS there is no confirmation screen. Poor UX.