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How to exclude countries from search?



When looking for an ebook writer, I want to exclude North America and the UK because they can be expensive.  I can't do that.  All I can do is choose the countries that the search provides.  


How can I exclude countries in my search?


Hi Yousef,


You can filter freelancers base on their location by using the location filter; however, there is no option to exclude freelancers from specific countries to appear in search results. Thank you.

~ Joanne
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Atleast there should be way to do it, there are search results flooded with people of specific country due to which we cannot see results of other countries.

You make an excellent point.


I agree with you that it WOULD BE GOOD for clients to be able to filter based on exclusion in addition to inclusion of geographic areas and countries. But right now that is not possible.


Right now, the best workaround that I can think of is to specify what areas you are interested in hiring from in the text of your job post.


For example:

"We need to hire a writer from Asia, Africa or South America to write blog articles on the topics of travel, local cuisine, and international fashion."

Hi Preston

Is this feature available yet? Want to exclude some countries in my search.

Vivek: If I was in charge of what new features are implemented, then this country-exclusion filter would already be a reality. I think it is a great idea. But I am just a user like yourself. So all I can do is reaffirm my opinion that it would be great to have this.


It would benefit both clients and freelancers.

Hello Vivek, 


We do not have a feature to exclude countries from the search results however you have the option to add a preferred country to filter freelancers based on their location.


Thank you.

Pradeep H,

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There should be. 

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Anyone know if this is being worked on? It would indeed make life easier. I often get flooded with bids from certain countries that submit the same samples. So obviously it's a scam. I'd rather not have to sort through them and do the work to figure out if they're legit. Just avoiding those countries would be great.

I'm thinking since they never implemented this supposed-to-be-simple feature:


  1. They wanted to prevent some kind of country-based discrimination. If 70% of my countrymen sends junk proposals all the time that makes clients eventually exclude my country from considerations, I'd feel really sad.

  2. They don't want to scare-off their big bases of freelancers (this is more likely, based on what's been happening lately)



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