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How to fix contract cancelled by accident

Hello, I started working with a freelancer and agreed to weekly budget. I put the entire month in and was unable to pay just the weekly amount. I tried adding milestones, but that just doubled the amount, so I cancelled the contract.

I did start a one time price for a contract, but the freelancer is worried this will affect his rating and I don't want to cause that.

He is understanding and if we must, will restart it all. 

* Can I fix the cancelled contract?

* Will my mistake affect his rating?

* How do I set a weekly payment?


Thank you


Bill H wrote:

1) * Can I fix the cancelled contract?

2) * Will my mistake affect his rating?

3) * How do I set a weekly payment?

1) No

2) No, your freelancer can rest assured that it will NOT affect his rating or metrics

3) Create an hourly contract, not a fixed rate one. Set the weekly limit to 0 hours. Under Advanced options, set up the weekly payment. This will pay the freelancer a weekly payment as long as the contract is active.


Alternatively you could create another fixed contract and set up single weekly milestones, but the weekly payment is easier as you don't have to worry about it, the freelancer gets paid automatically every week until you pause or end the contract.


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Retired Team Member

Hi Bill,


In addition to the information Petra shared in her post, let me know here if you need further help and our team will reach out to you directly via ticket and email. Thank you.

~ Goran