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How to initiate an invitation to a submitted proposal interview?

I have responded to a freelancer's proposal(July 12,2022), but he wants me to start an interview invitation about that proposal, i don't understand how to start that interview invitation,who can that help me, thanks.

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Jame, when you responded to the proposal, THAT ACT started the "interview".


There is no separate step.


You may communicate via Upwork for as long as you want to.


You my hire the freelancer if you want to.


Or you may decline the proposal and not hire the freelancer.


But you can not "start the interview" because it already started.

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I don't know why the freelancer I hire says he doesn't get 10 connections, when he emailed help and got this replyCapture.PNG

Is this freelancer applying to your job to get 10 free connects or get hired by you? Priorities?

If you have responded and then messaged the freelancer on upwork, that is all that is required for him to get his connects. Maybe the freelancer is confused how this works, maybe he already got 50 free connects in this week. Who knows. 

In any case, the freelancer should not harass you with this petty matter. 

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