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Re: How to know that a freelancer is lying

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Katrina B Member Since: Jan 9, 2011
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@Rene K wrote:

@Ana F wrote:



I´d like to know if your are saying tha ironically, really telling that many freelancers lye and assign themselves apps thar are not, or do you think that both of them might be right and have worked in the same proyect.


I asked both freelancers for proves and one of them told me that is very usual that a same project has had several freelancers working on in (in several versions and so on). 


Should I believe her?...


Thanks for the answer

Yes I was ironic, and no, you probably shouldn't believe her. Yes, some apps and websites have more than one developer, but the chances that it was the case with this app AND that both members of the team applied to your job is just ridiculous.


A lot of unskilled and cheap providers lie about almost everything in their profiles. One really needs to know how to read between the lines while hiring people.

Unless of course by off chance that both of these people may be from the same agency.  

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Ana F Member Since: Aug 18, 2016
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I doubt it, as each is from completely different and far away countries...

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Rene K Member Since: Jul 10, 2014
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They can be from the same Upwork agency while being located in different countries, but in this case, their agency membership is visible on their profile.


And as for picking the right person, it depends on the industry. I definitely know how to hire writers and translators, but for hiring IT people I'm not the best advice.


Maybe Preston will chime in, he is knowledgeable about this...

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Wendy C Member Since: Aug 24, 2015
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Ana, it is within a nano-millimeter 100% positive that both 'providers' are lying. 


Without going into great detail, how involved is the site you need? Is it a WordPress (simple) or a behemouth e-Commerce site that needs tons of 'other stuff'?  This kind of info needs to be in your RFP ... and it is to your benefit to search for contractors using as many descriptive words as possible.


Example - fashion / parenting / counseling (etc.) site that will work both for web and phone app (they all should) and that you, as the owner, can update as needed.  This should be listed as a fixed price job.


If it is a far more complicated venture, then finding a project manager with IT and web design experience is far more preferable.  This will probably be an hourly job.


Tip: if you find someone(s) that look promising, set up a SKPYE call. Intuition and gut common sense are usually right.

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Pablo V Member Since: Dec 16, 2014
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In fact is very usual having a team or contributors to build an app. Specially in open source software. Projects fork and travel in parallel, change leaders, have contributors... even simple personal projects are in github nowadays


Both could be lying, one could be lying... or, of course both could be saying the truth.


> How I know if somebody is lying me?


Hum... apply common sense and use your instinct. Talk with them about the other contributors to the app. Lower your risk level with a smaller task. Study their profiles and portfolio. Arrange a horse race. Prepare a few technical questions for your interview... in short: do your job as client.


The real problem here could be that, being a new client, you are afraid of the hiring process. Money is made to be spent, and sometimes lost. To gain experience in this sense you can start with a small quantity of money that you can afford to lose in the worst of the cases and try. Allow yourself to fail and you will develop quickly your arachnid sense for spotting liars. Education costs money and this is an usefull skill. In any case, if the freelancer is a disaster, spent money can be reinbursed under some conditions. Read the FAQs.

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David D Member Since: Jun 8, 2016
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What you need to do is find out if one of them always tells the truth while the other one always lies.... Then Google the answer to that riddle since I can never remember it.


In all seriousness, they're both probably lying. Best to not even bother with either of them unless they can show clear evidence that they are the other.


The other possibility is its the same person with two profiles (which is a big no no). 

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Jonathan L Member Since: Oct 20, 2015
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In my experience, all the cheap freelancers lie about something, or will take credit for others work. With all these tools, themes, and platforms available some of them may have customized one small aspect of a full blown theme and say that they "built that website" or "designed" something when they really just copied another's work. Not a bad thing if this is all you need but it's hard to vet any freelancer really.  

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Claudia Z Member Since: Jul 28, 2015
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Ask what exactly was their role in developing that app and if possible to be given a contact email of the app owner to get a recommendation from them, verify the autenticity of their claims. No gmail, yahoo address but company email.

A freelancer might not want to give a client's contact for good reasons but some have permission to share for references if needed.


You could find the contact email yourself on the app page and shoot an email or give a call. You dont ask who is their developer but say something along the lines ... X said he has been involved in developing your app and want to get a confirmation that is true as I am planning to hire him.

I would skip if no reference contact given and/or doesn't have his own app in the store or provide link to an app that you can easily verify as being developed by him/her.


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Ana F Member Since: Aug 18, 2016
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Thanks a lot for your suggestions. I,ll try to find the apps owner and do it. Thank you all for your answers Smiley Happy
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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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Is this android? Go to Google Play (Apple too) and look up the app. It will tell you the name of the developer. If you really want to figure it out, send an email to the developer and ask.


Stay away from noobs on here or you'll wind up like the guy with the missing $5k. If they are too cheap, well... they probably are lying. If they have apps listed in their portfolio, look them up in the app store and look at the developer. 


One thing that is obvious to me is that when people steal their portfolio items, lots of times they will mix their real stuff in with the fake stuff and the difference in level of graphics are very different. that's one way to tell if they are lying. Not perfect because some people steal their entire portfolio.


Stay away from someone who claims 2+ years. It seems people from certain places like to put 2 years experience for 0. 2 years is not enough time to understand the ins and outs of development from the ground up.


They are easy to spot when you have experience. Maybe hire someone to help you I dunno.