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How to know that a freelancer is lying

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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There is no way to ascertain which developers will be most valuable to your project based on their former work, even if everything they say is true.


Maybe they did great work on a past project, but they're very busy now and they can't provide you with new work quickly enough. Another contractor can provide you with quailty new work on a weekly basis.


Ultimately it doesn't matter what a developer did in the past. It matters what a developer is providing to you in the present. Your project manager can help you identify the most valuable contractors from among all of those that you hire early on. Your project manager will help you figure out which ones are providing quality source code and source files, in a timely manner, at a rate that makes them valuable to your project.



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Richard T Member Since: May 26, 2016
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As a freelancer and a graphic designer on this's my advice.


If you don't trust the designer or feel something may be wrong, don't use them. Find one you are comfortable with.


I personally would not waste my time trying to "solve the mystery". Odds are you will never really know for sure and you having that looming over your project is just extra stress you dont need. Any designer on here worth their salt should be able to prove their work in a heartbeat.


For example, I have the rough drafts, notes, messages, etc. for every single project in my portfolio... all with dates and even some time stamped. Even ones I did back on the old Elance platform. No good designer is ever going to get rid of that stuff becaause we never know when a client might comeback with changes or updates. So we literally hoard that kind stuff so we dont have to start all over when a client does show up.


My advice, dont waste your time with either one. Move on and find someone else.

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Ana F Member Since: Aug 18, 2016
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Thank you all for your answers. I´ve decided to do what you say and find someone else. I asked them to prove their claim and one of them never answered and the other told me "she did the work like one year ago and had no way to find matherial to prove it".  Both clearly lyning.


Anyway I reported this to the Upwork team so they can find out and maybe penalize them. 


I´ll move on, bearing in mind your advices.


Thanks a  lot.

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Farid Ahammed B Member Since: May 30, 2016
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Both freelancers have sent you same apps link and claiming they made that apps.  

OMG you should report , they are just lying

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Thomas K Member Since: Feb 26, 2016
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Both might be telling absolute truth. Perhaps taking a little more credit than what is due, but truth. Many sites are built by more than one developer.  There could be different revisions of the site with different developers. Some build front-end, others back-end.  I don't think customer support is going to verify a freelancer's references for you.  Get contact info, if they can't provide it, then red flag. else try whois and contact site admin.