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How to print an entire Upwork message thread

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Andrew H Member Since: Feb 23, 2018
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I dont see why upwork would make this so difficult.  I feel it protects the freelancer but then they might feel it protects the customer because both have to refer back possibly through pages and pages of disjointed chats to find quotes and agreements in chats that have or have not been met.  I have lost money too many times through upwork and this weakness really doesnt help.  This is a portal full of web developers yet Upwork cant do something this basic ??

Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Andrew,

Unfortunately we don`t have this option available at this moment but thank you for your feedback, I will share this with our product managers.

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Garth J Member Since: Apr 2, 2017
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This has been an issue since 2015, (I sure even earlier) if the PM doesn't know it already then what is the point of pointing out issues? 


What the PM needs to do is provide a Roadmap as to when things will be fixed. Seeing that this issue is basically 2.5 years old, I'm sure their existing roadmap already has this issue listed and publishing the roadmap would solve a lot of problems.


So please ask the PM to post the roadmap here. Then it will give everyone an ETA as to when it will be fixed.

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Dave G Member Since: Aug 13, 2016
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I gave up expecting UPwork to do something about it. For long projects I now chat with my dev. only via Skype. Over there it's easier to scroll through chat history.

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Armin R Member Since: Jun 7, 2018
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Very poor "support" of upwork in this matter! Empty promisses and silly recomendations on how to get around it but no solutions ... just cheap talk and no action since 4 yrears.... Why don't you just tell it how it is? You simply do not want upwork users to be able to download converstion history.... 

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Philippe B Member Since: Jun 18, 2018
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This is really poor customer service. You are driving people away from using your built in system because of the lack of this feature. 


Why not just implement a history? Maybe you should hire a freelancer on upwork to build it for you Smiley Happy

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Adrian V Member Since: May 31, 2019
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Hi upwork just trying to bump this thread, this feature would be incredibly helpful!
Aleksandar D Moderator Member Since: Mar 23, 2019
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Hi Adrian,


Thanks for sharing your suggestion. Unfortunately, we don't have any additional information about the feature requested.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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Jim K Member Since: Jul 30, 2019
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STILL no solution from UW?

Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Jim, 

I responded to your other post.