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How to protect sensitive information when handing over a production site to a freelancer

I have an ecommerce site with a broken order fullfillment plugin that I've advertised needing help to fix. I have a very worthy candidate that I'd like to offer the job to, but I'm afraid of the unknown. This person will essentially have access to my PayPal credentials, logins to the order fullfillment company, all of my customer's data... How do I best protect this from being stolen? On one hand I feel like it's a low risk, but on the other, it's an unknown risk and I want to make sure my data is protected as best as possible. Does Upwork have insurance for this kind of thing?



If you have someone from another country access your paypal account, you risk having your account locked. It's a security flag. PayPal has a sandbox for developers. Have him use it.  Then when you cut over, the info can be replaced with the production data and you can work with him to see if it works. I would not give my PayPal data to some random onthe internet.

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