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How to stop people from seeing my profile?


Good day -  I am Client.

Will you please tell me how do I stop people to watch my profile and see my active jobs and my previous hires?

People = those I have open conversation with them + those who are checking my profile through active jobs in the freelancer page.

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Hi Musab, It is not possible to hide your previous hires / active jobs or any of these details from the freelances; When you decide to hire a freelancer, you may check his work history and active contracts, likewise, professional freelancers need to check the clients' work history before applying for a job post or accepting a job invitation.

Neither the client nor the freelancer can hide these details.


I hope this helps - Wish you a good day!

What if I close my accunt? do the jobs diappear?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Musab,


Freelancers can see your history from your active job posts. If you're not interested in hiring at the moment you can close your job posts. If you're still interested in hiring but don't want that history shown too publicly, you can create a private job post and only the freelancers you invite will be able to see it. 


If you're not comfortable with any of these options and would prefer to close your account please confirm here and we'll assist you with that.

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But I see for some freelancers that if I try to see their job... it tells me that the job is private... how do I make my jobs/contracts private?

Hi Musab,


That's likely because those jobs you're looking at were posted privately by their client and only the freelancer who was invited can view them. As Andrea mentioned, if you wish to make a job post private, check out this help article

~ Luiggi
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If the issue is that you don't want people to read lots of details about your jobs, then you need to post jobs using less descriptive descriptions. Use hourly contracts. Focus on describing what SKILLS freelancers need, rather than providing a lot of specifics about YOUR PROJECT.


If your concern is that you don't want people to see your name, then use a company name instead of a personal name. When you create a "client aspect" or "client profile" within your Upwork login account, you can use any name you want. And you may create more than one company within your Upwork account.


Also, you may hire through intermediaries. You can hire a project manager, and then have the project manager do all the hiring for you. That way your name won't be associated with the jobs on Upwork.

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Hi Musab,

Your hired freelancer will be able to view job activities during your project but will not receive any notifications for other jobs.

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