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How to switch off UpWork selecting system

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I posted my first job hoping to find some talented freelancer and under few pages of "best matches" (they are not bad) but I finally find some interesting designers under link

"Proposals not matching your qualifications"

What are the criteria for your selection, some of the people from "not matching" seem to be right for me. (tags, experience, portfolio etc.) And is there any way to say thank you for your selection, I just don't trust machines, don't feel offended UpWork Service I prefer to select freelancers by myself. Also, I've got some best matches to my email but all not for me, why you are not sending me all proposals? Can I change it?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Harriet,


Thanks for sharing your feedback in the Community. As you can see on your end, all the proposals are displayed on the same list and our system highlighted a few that, based on different freelancer attributes (previous work history, availability and skills), might not be qualified for your job. You as a client can still access these freelancers' proposals, contact and hire them.


If you would pm me the user you selected as the best fit for your job, I could ask our team to compare the freelancer with the job requirements you included in order to check if the system is working as expected.


Thank you for response,


It would be a waste of time to ask each time your team to check freelancer with the job requirements. I thought that maybe I miss some functionality which I can turn off and on. As I mentioned I do not trust automated standardisations when it comes to hiring people.


sorry for posting this on freelancers sections, my mistake

Community Guru

From a freelancer's perspective, I can tell you this.


If a client specifies they're looking for someone who has X number of hours worked, those of us who only work fixed rate will get a warning message before we send our bid off, that we don't meet the client's specifications. We can still apply, but our proposals may not make it to the client.


It might help to know what qualifications you specified to help you further.

Harriet, you are not alone in disliking, intensely, the choices Upwork makes when it comes to 'great matches'.  The algorithm is wonky ...