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How to transfer payment from one developer to a different developer

I hired a developer to do a job and he misrepresented his abilities. I was paying him $375 and i placed that in escrow. He is unable to complete the job and now i have a different freelancer that i am hiring for $250 to do this work. How do i transfer $250 of this $375 to the new peogrammer and get the remaining $125 refunded back to my bank account? Thanks.

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Hi Mack,

You'll need to request a refund from your freelancer for the funds that are in Escrow. When he approves the refund, those funds will go back to your Upwork account and you'll be able to fund a Fixed-Price contract with a new freelancer. Please check out this article about how to proceed with requesting a refund of the escrow funds.


He has not been paid. We have not released any money to him and i believe he cancelled the contract. How can i see if he has cancelled the contract? If he has, what do i do? Thank you so much.

Hello Mack,


You may hover your mouse over Jobs and then choose All Contracts. You'll be able to see the list of your contracts and their status. The credit can take up to five business days to appear. Please see screenshot attached. Thank you.contractSS.pngcontractSS2.png

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