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How to verify the payment method and how to know if the first mileston was correctly paid?

Dear Upwork team and members,


I am new on Upwork and I am register as client to hire a freelance.


I have the following doubts:


1) The first doubt is related to the payment method verification: I have inserted a "prepayd credit card" (I charge it from my online bancking account). The system ask me to verify it but I am finding some difficult to understand what exactly I have to do.


If I go into my account, the into the Billing methods section I can read: Requires verification. Verify Now


Then clicking on the "Verify now" link it ask me 2 amounts but I can't understand where I can find these 2 amounts.


I can't understand if they are 2 litle movements on my online banking system (at this time there are not) or somewhere here on Upwork.


2) I created the first milestone and I fixed the relative honorary concordat with the hired freelance. Then when the freelance completed this milestone I have pay this milestone.


Now into the Reports --> Transactions section I can read something like this:


Date Type Description Freelancer Amount /
Balance Ref ID

PendingPaymentRefundable Deposit - MasterCard 9881 $10.00
Mar 14, 2017Processing FeePayment processing fee for Ref ID 121940901 ($2.75)
Mar 14, 2017PaymentPaid from MasterCard 9881 to escrow for funding request 121940900 $102.75
Mar 14, 2017Fixed PriceFunding request for Need help to develop a WSO2 ESB simple project.: Milestone 1 - Setup WSO2 EI with proper https certificate ($100.00)



It means that the first milestone was correctly paid to my freelance?


How exactly have I to read it?


The last line is the price of my milestone ($100.00) on which are charged $2.75 of fee so I think that I paid a total amount of $102.75.


So it means that is correctly paid and that my freelance have received its honorarium?


What exactly represent the first line in the table? This one:


PendingPaymentRefundable Deposit - MasterCard 9881 $10.00





You can't use a prepaid card. You'll have to use a proper credit card, or, where available, a PayPal account.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Andrea,


Please check your credit card statement upon receiving the two small verification charges and enter the amounts in the respective fields after clicking the Verify Now link on the Billing Methods page on your Upwork account.


The refundable deposit transaction is reflecting the two verification amounts your card is charged for and you'll be able to check the status of the funded Milestone by clicking on the contract title and checking the Payment Status column in the Milestones tab.


Please review the client resources we shared here in order to learn more about the payment processing procedure on Fixed-Price contracts and other Upwork features you are or will be using.


Ok tnx, now I will study this material.


But my payments is ok?

Hi Yolanda,


I checked your account, and it looks like you already have added and verified your billing method. Please let us know if you need further assistance. Thank you!

~ Joanne

You can't use a prepaid card. You'll have to use a proper credit card, or, where available, a PayPal account.

Ah ok,

so now I will switch on my paypall account.


I have not yet understand if I have payd the first milestone to the hired freelance. Have I pay him?




Hello everybody,


I am totaly new to Upwork and I have a big problem.


I have set in my profile a "prepayd credit card" (charged from my online bancking account). From what I have understand I can't use a prepaid card. The system ask me to verify it but I think that I can't do it with this kind of card.


Then I have hire a freelance and I have pay him the first milestone but he is seeing "payment method not verified". So I think that he can't receive money.


If I go into my "Settings --> Billing method" section I can't remove this card because I obtain this error message:



**Edited for Community Guidelines**



I think that this is the contract with the hired freelance.


So can I add another proper card\paypall account and pay him with this? Can I switch payment method for this contract in some way?


Into my "Reports --> Transactions" section I can read something like this:


**edited for Community Guidelines**


It seems that the first milestone was paid but he can't receive his honorarium because the card is unverified (or something like this).


What can I do to solve this situation? Can I directly contact the Upwork support team in some way?



It is pretty urgent for me find a solution to this issue.


Hi Andrea,

I'll ask someone from our Support team to reach out to you directly. Keep an eye on your email.

Hi Garnor,


thank you so much

Hi everybody,


I am pretty new in Upwork.


After have hire a freelance I have set up 2 milestones.


I have paid to my freelance the first one but now the second one appear have a "Not funded" as status so when I try to click on the "Activate And Fund Milestone" I obtain this error message:



Error happened during processing milestone. Please contact customer support for assistance: **Edited for Community Guidelines** .



**Edited for Community Guidelines**


Why? What is wrong? What am I missing? How can I fix this issue?

Andrea, did you try sending an email to **Edited for Community Guidelines**, with your screenshot attached?

"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce



It looks like you were able to successfully fund and release the milestone to the freelancer. Please, let us know if you have any further issues.

~ Valeria

Dear Andrea,


I would like to kindly ask you for the place of those amounts that have to be verified in order to activate a billing method? where can I find them ?


kind regards,


Hi Martin,


I'll have someone from our team get in touch with you to assist you with your concern. Thank you!

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