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How to waste your invites!

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Christine A Member Since: May 4, 2016
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Virginia F wrote:

Your search engine hasn't gone crazy, Maria. I just spent a little time looking at - "some of Upwork’s top Graphic Designers" in (the place shall remain nameless, but every single one of them is from the same town).


24 profiles on the first page - three of them seem to be the same guy, and not one single one of them are "top graphic designers". How can they be? They have some of the worst profiles I've ever seen, and none of them have been hired.  Oh wait, there was one who had jobs, but he also has a 67% JSS.


We are trying to understand these search results that come up on the first page. Why are these empty (and mostly stolen) profiles front and center and being called "top anything"?


This is insane. If I were a client and those were the "top" freelancers that came up in my search results for a graphic designer, I wouldn't even consider posting my project on Upwork - I'd leave and never return.

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John D Member Since: Jan 20, 2019
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I just searched myself and found that I am showing $0 for one of my specialized profiles. 


I'm on the fence here. I am considering ditching the specialized profiles and going back to one.