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How to work on Upwork and create supplier teams

Good morning,


We’re intending to use the platform to outsource an App Testing project where we’ll be working with a number of suppliers (around 100 in total) and would like to find out whether the below functionalities are available in UpWork.


  1. Create suppliers’ groups per language and project.
  2. Email all group members together, i.e., send mass emails to those.
  3. If there’s any way to find out the final fee suppliers will get paid for a certain job, considering their membership status or the country they’re based on. We’d like to make sure what we pay is financially viable for our suppliers.
  4. Shortlist the suppliers working at the moment on each project and see the status of the job they’re working on (1. Accepted, 2. Work in progress, 3. Delivered but not approved, 4. Delivered and approved, 5. Paid).
  5. Find out whether the payment process and terms are the same for suppliers who applied/quoted for a job or those we invited to join it.
  6. We’d also like to find out if the ‘fixed price’ set up as default for a certain job can be later on modified.


It would certainly be helpful to find out whether all these can be sorted out in UpWork and how.


Your support is really appreciated.


Thank you very much,




Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Raquel,

Just to confirm, your looking to hire freelancers as a client?

2. You can add all of your freelancers in one room where they can communicate with each other.

3. You will need to negotiate this with each individual freelancer you will hire and agree on a budget.

4. The scenario you have described can be tracked on a fixed price contract. Once the contract is started it will be showed as job in progress. When the freelancers has finished their work, they will need to submit the work and request a payment > You will need to review the work and approve the payment or request for a revision.
5. All payments will need to be made on Upwork, for the payments process and terms you will need to negotiate and agree with the freelancers.

6. Yes it can be changed, before changing it I can advise you to negotiate all of the changes and budget with your freelancers.

I can also suggest to check out the threads below, and learn more on how to utilize Upwork:
Client Webinar Getting the Most Out of Upwork,

Client Tutorial Videos.

If you have any additional questions feel free to post them here, thank you.

~ Goran
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