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I Deleted a Milestone - Will I automatically get refunded ?

Greetings all, 


I am writing because I activated and funded a milestone for a freelancer.


I wanted this milestone done by March 7th. 


The freelancer told me he was running late, so I activated and funded a 2nd milestone of $25 for the freelancer to get the job done by March 7th as an incentive.


The freelancer didn't complete the job by March 7th, so I deleted this 2nd milestone. 


Will I automatically recieve a refund since this milestone was funded and the requirement wasn't met by the freelancer ? 


I'm asking becasue I've received no email or other indication that I would be refunded.


All responses will be grealty appreciated.  

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Only one milestone can be active/funded at a time. The extra $25 from the deleted milestone are in general escrow, if you actually added the money to the contract. You can request that the extra money be refunded using the "Request Refund" button or by canceling the Contract which will give you the option to request all money in escrow be refunded, some money be refunded, or give all remaining in escrow to the Freelancer.

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When you delete a funded milestone on Upwork, the money will be returned to your account automatically. However, it may take a few business days for the funds to appear in your account depending on your payment method.

If the milestone was funded using Upwork's escrow system, the money should be refunded to your account as long as the freelancer did not dispute the deletion of the milestone. If the freelancer disputes the deletion, Upwork will initiate a dispute resolution process to determine whether the funds should be returned to you or released to the freelancer.

I suggest contacting Upwork's customer support team to confirm that the funds will be refunded to your account. They should be able to provide you with more information on the refund process and any next steps you may need to take.

I hope this helps!

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