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I am a client and freelancer and I had mutually ended contract. How to get back milestone deposit?

I am a client and hired a freelancer to do a job. However we both mutually ended the contract as he was not what we were looking for. I had already deposited a milestone and my credit card got charged. How do I get back that milestone? 


I tried contacting the UpWork chatbot and hit contact support but it keeps going back on a loop and can't reach help! 


Hi Bianca,


If you are ending a fixed-price contract and there are remaining funds in escrow that are no longer required for the project, you can request an escrow refund. Below are the steps on how you can request for an Escrow refund: 


  1. Go to My Jobs to locate the contract
  2. Click the (...) options menu and select End contract
  3. Choose Pay nothing and request a refund or Pay another amount when ending the contract

For more information, please check this help article

~ Joanne

Hi Joanne,


As you can see the amount is all 0 however I have been charged in my card already! I can send you the screenshot. When I ended the contract, there was no option for me to get a refund at all. 


Can someone please assist me directly? 

Hi Bianca, 


If the milestone payment was not yet released and the contract is closed, then the funds should be refunded back to you automatically. I checked, and the refund has been processed. You may check it here

~ Joanne
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