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I cannot fund a job using Paypal

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I have the paypal verified on upwork. I already used it once. I tried to pay it today but it was denied because my pre-paid credit card had insufficient funds. I transfered the funds to my credit card so I would have enough. Now when I try to pay using paypal it says "There was a problem charging your billing method. Please enter a new billing method and try again.".


What should I do? (I don't want to add my credit card, I want to keep using Paypal)

Community Guru

Upwork wants to verify that you can fund payments for contractors you hire.

Upwork runs checks against the credit card you provide. If your PayPal credit card is not working in this situation, that is a PayPal issue,  not an Upwork issue. It is possible that it takes more time or more funds in order to be able to charge your PayPal credit card.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Nuno,


You need to have a valid funding source, such as a credit card, on your PayPal account in order for it to be used for payments on Upwork. Please, add a different funding source to your PayPal and try making a payment again.


Sorry about the inconvenience.

~ Valeria

Hi Valeria. I do have a credit card on my paypal account. More than that I actually paid one job using paypal already on upwork. Can you please suggest any other thing?





Unfortunately, it looks like the transaction is declining on the PayPal's or the credit card company's end. You may need to contact PayPal customer support for more details.

~ Valeria

Hello there. I am also using paypal. Since yesterday i have funded 9 project for translation. For the 10th project payment did not approve since my balance was low. I have put money into my credit card linked to paypal and tried again and again but same error comes up. I have called the credit card company and they say everything looks ok. The card is opne to transactions. I still cant pay with paypal on upwork. Please advise what to do ?

Hi Bahadir,


Unfortunately, Upwork is not able to charge your PayPal due to some issues with the payment method connected to it. You may need to try linking a different card to your PayPal account.


For further assistance please, contact customer support.

~ Valeria



i also cant fund a job using my paypal account and not even using my Visa Card (or other billing method as recommended)..

i can assure that this is exclusively on Upwork, because i´ve been shopping online today and i can also assure that balance is not the problem.


please advise,


best regards

Hi Renato,


You may need to add an alternative funding source to your PayPal account in order to be able to use it on Upwork. Upwork's charge is being declined on PayPals end currently.

~ Valeria